Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NYX Round Lip Glosses

by Vanessa Garcia,

First of all I like NYX Products, and secondly, I love lip glosses in general. I first fell in love with NYX's Mega Lip glosses (the square-tubed ones) because they were pigmented and came in a variety of colors. So it was no surprise how excited I was when the new NYX Round lip glosses came out with it's new sleek packaging and angled doe foot wand that contour the natural shape of your lips for easy application.

I first tried NYX round lip gloss in “Doll Pink” because I loved the NYX Mega-Rich lip gloss in “Barbie Pink” so I was excited and eager to try doll pink which was just GORGEOUS on! In the tube it doesn't look like it would be a dazzling color, but once you put it on, it makes you say “WOW!”, it's the perfect pink to me, not too soft and not too bright. I also love the new packaging because it takes up less space as the NYX Mega-Rich lip glosses and the color you see in the tube is the color you get.

The smell and taste of these lip glosses are similar to that of dish washing soap; like a lemon-citrus scent- not horrible or intolerable, just a different scent from other lip glosses. I love how pigmented these lip glosses are, literally one application gives you enough color and because of the angled doe foot design, you don't experience a lot of streaking like you do with other lip glosses. They are also very soft and creamy and not at all sticky, and because of this they don't stay on too long, but make a nice overlay color over lipsticks or even by itself.

My favorites are: Doll Pink, Ballerina Pink, Whipped, and Cafe Latte.  I ended up liking “Doll Pink” a lot so I ordered more colors! And they are only $2 each so it makes it really affordable to try a few or even all of them, and pretty much the price you pay for a high-end lipstick is how much you can spend to get all the colors. The swatches online of course don't do the actual colors justice, but they are all pretty colors and for $2 a pop, you don't feel so bad if it didn't work out as oppose to paying $20+ on a high-end lipstick! I must say that these new NYX Round Lip Glosses are a great addition to the mega-rich lip glosses, definitely a lot more revamped and modern and suitable for anyone.