Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amuse 98-Eyeshadow Kit

by Vanessa Garcia,

I had another opportunity to try another Amuse palette, this time it was the Amuse 96 piece eyeshadow palette. I like this palette better than the Amuse Diamond Palette because it's a lot smaller in size, and has more eye shadows that are right up my alley. It has two trays on the top that fold out, and those trays are full of powdered eye shadows that are really-pigmented. When you pull out the trays it reveals another set of eye shadows (96 total) that are similar to those shimmer powdered eye shadows that are in the Amuse Diamond Palette; they too are depicted by a cute flower print on them.

The Amuse 96 piece eye shadow is nice with its fold out trays and the different color eye shadows that it comes with. However, I found the palette itself hard to open (unless mine was just defective) but I had to pry mine with a screw driver to open it. It also doesn't have a mirror but has see-thru bubble windows on the lid of the palette so you can see some of the colors inside. The palette is a bit heavy, but not overly heavy, just heavier than some of their other palettes. They also have a slight, but soft fragrance to them just like Amuse's other palettes.

It's $20 and is definitely a cool palette to have because it has a wide range of eye shadow colors to play with, the eye shadows on the top trays are the most pigmented in my opinion and they go on nice and smooth. They are really vibrant in color and you can create countless looks with them. The eye shadows on the bottom are a bit more shimmery, almost metallic, and again these are the ones that have the flower print on them so you can distinguish which ones are which. I also like how this palette has a different set of the powdered eye shadows (the top trays) because it gives you more variety to work with and I actually like those eye shadows better than the shimmery ones hidden under the fold out trays. They also come with two eye shadow applicators to apply these yummy eye shadows with and it's also good for traveling; unlike the Amuse Diamond Eye Shadow palette that was too big to carry around; however this palette of course is a lot thicker than the Amuse Diamond Palette which was a lot thinner.