Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check our newest NYX eyeshadow colors!

Autumn Sky - Frosty

Hunter Green - Metallic

Charcoal Brown - Matte

Lagoon Sparkle - Glitter

Fantasy - Shimmer

Frosted Ocean - Shimmer/Glitter

Dark Gray - Matte

Navy Blue - Frosty

Skin Tight - Shimmer

Light Green - Matte

Velvet Suede - Frosty

Peach Bronze - Metallic

Yellow Funk - Matte

Deep Space - Glitter

Cryptonite - Glitter

Red Pink - Matte

Vanilla Shimmer - Shimmer

Light Green - Matte

Jazzy Pink - Matte

Blue Marine - Matte

Sensual - Glitter

Deep Purple - Shimmer

True Taupe - Matte

Exotic Green - Shimmer

Pure Skin - Matte Shimmer

Toffee Shimmer - Sheer/Glitter

Sunset Ray - Shimmer

Lake Algae - Matte

Extreme Apricot - Matte

Greyish Brown - Shimmer

Mellow Yellow - Matte

Dark Navy - Frosty

Azur Sky - Matte

Pure Gold - Metallic

Golden Amber - Shimmer

Dust Sparkle - Sheer/Glitter

Gunmetal - Shimmer

Bright Green - Frosty

Sparkle Cedar - Metallic/Shimmer

Snow Candy - Sheer /Shimmer

Smokie Mountain - Shimmer

Sparkle White - Sheer Glitter

Sweet Oleader - Frosty/Shimmer

Utopia Gold - Frosty

Earthy Shimmer - Frosty/Glitter

Ballerina Dream - Sheer/Glitter

Ultimatum - Frosty

Super Creamy - Frosty/Shimmer

Kiss in Casablanca - Metallic

Shimmer: Sparkly with soft glittery effect.
Matte: Flat color with no shimmer or frost.
Sheer: Hint of opalescent color.
Glitter: Glitter to create bold effect.
Frosty: Shimmery without the glitter.
Metallic: Bold colors with intense shimmer.

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