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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LA Colors Trio Eyeshdow

by Vanessa Garcia,

One of the things I liked about this trio eyeshadow is the compact casing that nestles the three eyeshadow colors, it's not bulky at all and I think it's perfect to keep in your purse or makeup bag for any touch-ups throughout the day. I ordered the L.A. Colors Lipgloss Palette a few weeks ago and just fell in love with it so I was really excited to give their eyeshadows a try. I got it in “Snow White/Lilac Mist/Royal Violet”

What I enjoyed about this eyeshadow trio is how each of the three colors sort of correlate together to achieve an awesome look, there's a light colored eyeshadow that you can use as a highlight, the medium shade for the inside corner of the lid, and a darker shade for the outer portion of your lid; all in one convenient case!

The only thing I did not like about the compact was the pigmentation and the durability of the eyeshadows; I had to make several swipes of each eyeshadow on my sponge applicator just to get a decent amount of color on my eyelid, as a couple of swipes were just too light as if I didn't 'grab' any color on my sponge-tip applicator. Also, without an eye priming base, the colors didn't last long and were gone by the end of the day, making me look a bit washed out. However, once you do have enough of each color on your lid, the colors are just gorgeous and make your peepers just “pop”. I think if they also made it into a flip-top duo compact with the eyeshadow colors on top and a mirror and a sponge tip applicator at the bottom, it would really be ideal for gals on-the-go; rather than having to fetch for a mirror and a makeup brush or sponge tip applicator, just to be more “space-saving”.

But you just can't beat the awesome price, at $5 a pop for THREE eyeshadow colors on, it's a definite steal. Rather than having to carry all your eyeshadows for touch-ups, you can conveniently get a trio with your favorite colors and have it on hand. And L.A. Colors Trio Eyeshadow has tons of color combinations you can choose from; they have everything from neutral browns, smoky black and gray, to fun and crazy
summer colors! And at $5 each, you can pretty much get all the colors!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Canadian Shoppers

Dear Canadian Shoppers,

We know that it has been frustrating for you not be able to place an online order.
We are happy to inform you that we are now open to process Canadian orders online.
Thank you for your patience.

Cherry Culture
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Melting Eyeshadow

Do you have problems with Eyeshadow and Eyeliner that just won't stay put? No matter how many coats of shadow you put on, after a few hours of partying, the colors are just not there anymore.

The reason: your eye lids produce oil, which absorbs the shadow color.

The Solution:
Use an eye base before you apply eyeliner or eyeshadow. Eye base creates a dry surface on your eyelid, which gives something for the shadow powder to crab onto.

Or you can use a concealer on your eye lids before applying the eyeshadow. This way you can cover your eye veins from showing and also create the dry base for the shadow powder to stay put.

Apply a soft pearl or natural shadow color all over your eye lids. (All the way to just below the eye brow). This will not only keep the eyeshadows on longer but also create a highlight on your eyes.

Girlactik Star Shadow by Galit Strugano, Girlactik Beauty

by Galit Strugano, Girlactik Beauty

Continue being the gorgeous girl you are and only change the shadows you wear! Girlactik Shadows are highly pigmented, velvety soft, and easy to blend. Each color can be worn alone or paired with the pearl base for easy application of applying shadows and long lasting wear. Can be used wet or dry. We love these shadows because they are so easy to wear and the consistency is great! There's a reason why girlactik's Timeless shadow in brown got chosen as the "Best Brown Shadow" in Allure's Best of Beauty 2006. Girlactik's shadows are a must to play with on your day or night out.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Gourmet Therapy by Vanessa Garcia,

by Vanessa Garcia,

For me, presentation is everything; Jelly Pong Pong's Gourmet Lip Therapy came in the cutest pop-up box, reminding me of the cute pop-up books I read as a child. I love how small and compact this lip gloss is because I can fit it in my purse or carry it with me in my pocket for easy access!

I have always wanted a lip gloss that did three things: give me incredible long-lasting shine, keeps my lips really soft, and stays on but isn't too sticky. Lo and behold I found Jelly Pong Pong's Gourmet Lip Therapy in Real Sugar, it's honestly the lip gloss I have been searching for. I have tried countless lip glosses and they either have an awful taste (or scent), aren't moisturizing enough, are super sticky to where you find your hair sticking to your lips, and/or they don't stay on your lips for a long time. But for me, this lip gloss has the whole package! It has tiny miniscule “sugars”, that feel like the tiny micro-beads in a facial scrub and totally feels like a scrub for your lips, gently exfoliating any dead skin and keeping your lips lusciously soft and kissable all day. I love how it gave me long-lasting subtle shine without the stickiness and has a nice sweet sugary flavor that will have you constantly smacking your lips! My favorite part of this product was the built-in brush, no mess lip gloss oozing out of the tube, no wands- nothing. Just a one step, easy to apply lip gloss. The brush gives you so much control when applying the lip gloss allowing you to display incredible shine right where you want it.

I must admit at first I thought the price was pretty steep, $18 for just a sheer lip gloss, but now that I have had the opportunity to see and use this product for myself, love it! It's really everything I need in one tube and my lips are super happy because it really stays on and is perfect for layering over lipstick for instant shine. I even ate dinner and it was still on my lips after dinner as if I just put it on! I highly recommend this product to every gal as it is a a definite “must have” item in every girl's purse. It also comes in other colors/flavors: Cocoa and Honey.

New Beauty Editor

We would like to introduce Vanessa Garcia from as one of Cherry Culture Beauty Editor. Vanessa’s direct and honest approach to product review will offer you more insight to any products you are interested in. On her blog site, Vanessa offers detail but simple makeup tips to achieve different kind of look. She even has videos to show you exactly what to do. You must check them out.

Here is what Vanessa has to say about herself: Born and raised in TORONTO, CANADA! 25 years old June 1st. I love photography, makeup (obviously), and all sorts of things. I have a massive collection of accessories and shoes and I love adding onto it haha! I have a passion for everything and I put so much heart in everything I do, I honestly love helping people out which is why I created this blog, to help people with beauty tips, questions, and just to help them feel good about themselves.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to apply false eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes requires a little patience and practice. It is an art that every makeup lover should master. False eyelashes can make your eyes look fuller and larger. Picking the right false eyelashes is the first lesson you need to learn. There are numerous types of false eyelashes in the market full and flare to simple to ultra dramatic. Pick one that fit the occasion.

Second you must know that you don't have to use the entire false eyelashes in the package. Shorten it if you need to. Customize it to the length that fits your eye is important.
Third, give yourself enough time. Don't try it five minutes before leaving to a big party. Sounds easy but somehow we always forget.
Forth, prep your lids. Lashes stick better to clean lids so wash your eye area with oil free makeup remover.

You must have these tools ready before applying false eyelashes.
Tweezer, False Eyelahes (of course), Adhesive (DUO Lash Adhesive is my favorite) and Fine Tipped Eyeliner Brush.

Now you are ready to apply the false eyelashes.

  1. Using a Tweezer and remove the false eyelashes from the packaging.

  2. Trim the band to fit the width of your eye.

  3. Dip a skinny eyeliner brush in lash glue and lightly paint the back of the strip. The glue dries in about three minutes so speed it up or lash won't stick.

  4. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, apply the last close to your lash line and press down across your eye to the inner corner.

  5. Let the glue dry, and then apply dark eyeliner to camouflage the line of the fake lashes and then apply your mascara. The mascara will help blend your own lashes with the fake ones.

Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

by Guin White,

Sick of your dirty, makeup filled cosmetics sponges but still like the blending and natural texture you get from it? You're in luck! BeautyBlender, created by two talented makeup-artists-to-the-stars, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, will help YOU look like a movie star with the pricey services of a high-end makeup artist.

This egg-shaped wonder sponge, used to 'stipple' ('stippling' is bouncing the sponge lightly on your face as you apply your makeup), blend and soften your cosmetics application, has so many pro's they're hard to count. Let's just say that NO makeup sponge even comes close to BeautyBlender's ability to create a flawless, natural texture. You can use it wet or dry to apply, blend and soften makeup primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and powder - and you can probably find some additional applications by just playing with it! It's pretty, it's fun and guess what else? It's CLEAN!

BeautyBlender comes with it's own little clear, acrylic pedestal right in the package, so it's designed to be washed after each use and then perched atop its specially designed little spot to airdry. You can purchase BeautyBlender with the custom formulated cleanser called what else? BlenderCleanser!

BlenderCleanser is a gentle, lavender-infused cleanser packaged in an ingenious upside-down pump bottle made especially for the BeautyBlender. One last great feature that I just have to mention: environmentally consciousness. Yes, because BeautyBlender is sturdy and washable, it lasts forever and can be used just as long. And BlenderCleanser's formula is low-suds, soy-based and free of dyes and irritants. What more can I say? Not much. Just this ... you gotta get one!