Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Styli-Style Flat Pencils

by Vanessa Garcia,

Everyone loves an easy to use eyeliner that just glides on smoothly and doesn't tug. I personally like the Styli-Style 'Line & Seal' so I was sure that I would love the Styli-Style Flat Pencils! The one thing that bothers me about normal eyeliners (rounded tip liners), is simply that- their rounded tip. It doesn't cover a lot of surface area nor does it allow you to create a thick, even line without having to apply a few layers of eyeliner just to get the desired look, then only leave you with a smudgy mess at the end of the day, giving you major raccoon eyes!

With the Styli-Style Flat eyeliner pencils, it really changes the way we look at eyeliners in general; its flat tip makes it easier to hold giving you an amazing grip, as well as giving you an even line of pigmented color making it the ideal eyeliner to line both the upper and lower lash line. It's honestly virtually fool proof in the sense that even if you don't know how to apply eyeliner, it will be a cinch when using any of the Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners.

I had the opportunity to try one of these Styli-Style Flat Pencils (in the color “Venice”) which is a such a gorgeous turquoise color that can make any eye color pop and it's the perfect color for the summer! What's great about these pencils is that they are multi-purpose, meaning you can use the thin side to line your eyes and lips, and the thicker side for eyeshadow or lipstick application. It's also hypo-allergenic and 100% waterproof which is a major plus for me considering that I look for makeup that can withstand and last in this sweltering California heat and surpass sweat and/or tears.

Since it's a flat pencil, this means that you cannot sharpen it using just any sharpener, you need to purchase the Styli-Style pencil sharpeners especially made for the flat pencils.

The Styli-Style pencils are only $7.50 each on, and come in a range of colors: Venice (turquoise), Berlin (chestnut), London (green/black), Rio (tanzanite), Madrid (dark blue), Vienna (Italy Blue), and Rome (purple). I think these pencils are essential in any girl's makeup bag, and there's definitely a color for everyone- from the natural, earth-tone loving gal to the bold, daring gal!