Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amuse Diamond Eyeshadow Palette

by Vanessa Garcia,

The Amuse Diamond Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 different shades of shimmery colors. There are two different kinds of palettes: The Mood Swing palette is more vibrant with its colors, whereas the Natural Intense palette is more subtle, yet still eye-catching. Both palettes, however, contain eyeshadow that bring out the eyes with its shimmer, no matter the color. It is easy to apply and brings out the eyes with its bold but subtle colors. These eye shadows contain a lot of shimmer compared to your ordinary eyeshadow with shimmer, which may not appeal to everyone; at first glance this palette looks like it was made for little girls but it's not just for the pre-teen target audience.  The “Natural Intense” palette has some sultry colors that contain earthy tones that look so natural and are great for everyday wear as opposed to the “Mood Swing” palette which contains vibrant colors that are flirty and playful for those who are not scared of a little color. Not to mention that these palettes are great for those who are on a budget.

Despite the fact that it's affordable, its actually a neat palette as it contains a wide range of colors in each one so you can create different looks with many combinations. It has tiny bits of really fine glitter, not the sticky or big chunks of glitter but similar to the same consistency of the Urban Decay eye shadows (like “Midnight Cowboy”).  This palette is good for those of you who are make-up fanatics trying to save a few bucks.  For those of you who are new to makeup, this is great for starters. These eyeshadows also makes great gifts. The eyeshadow palette gives you more for your money, not to mention that the packaging is absolutely adorable with its see-thru casing. It's also very light-weight so it's easy to take along and it has a light fragrance, almost like a floral perfume- no strong or overpowering smell here.

So if you are looking for a small eye shadow palette to just have in your purse or makeup bag, or just as a nice addition to a gift, then these are ideal. Or if you are just an avid fan of Amuse makeup or their eye shadows in general, then this palette would be nice to add to your makeup collection.