Monday, December 3, 2007

NYX Cream Palette

by Vanessa Garcia,

When its “Girls Night Out” with your friends or a weekend getaway to Vegas, I always like to add a little sparkle to my look. I am an avid fan of NYX cosmetics in general and I have a love for nifty palettes, so you can imagine when I couldn't wait to get my hands on the NYX Glitter Cream Palette!

It comes in 5 creamy, delicious shades, fully packed with glitter and sponged-tip applicators. You can use it practically anywhere your little heart desires! Eyes, lips, face, or body. I am not much of a glitter person, but I DO enjoy glitter eyeliners to make the eyes pop and look more festive. What I liked about these palettes were the gel/creamy consistency it has to it because it really allows the glitter to adhere and last a long time. I also found it easy to apply since it just glides on, however you may have to reapply several times to get an even line of glitter across your lashline. My first stroke and I had glitter in random spots, I had to continuously apply it straight across the lashline in a “dab and swipe” motion to get the effect I wanted. The only thing I didn't like (as with all glitters) is that it takes me forever to get every bit of glitter off, and because its cream the more it held on, but then again that's a good sign your look will last the whole night.

I also used it on my cheeks and body for a little sparkle for a night out on the town and I liked how it wasn't overly glittery and I could control the amount of glitter I wanted. Now with the holiday season around the corner, I think the silver and gold cream glitter would be a perfect addition to any holiday look. Another way I can think of to use this is to place a bit of it on a spoolie and apply it to the tips of your eyelashes for an eye opening sparkly look; or perhaps at the end corner of your eyelid for a glam look.

Overall, I love the choices of colors you get in just one palette, not to mention the other palettes with different colors. It's great for anytime you want a little sparkle to your look, with all the colors available, I am pretty sure you can even match it to your outfit!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wild n Crazy Eyeshadow

by Vanessa Garcia,
It's hard sometimes to find a really good eyeshadow that has great color-payoff at a great price. I love well-pigmented eyeshadows (who doesn't right?!); the ones that give you so much color in just one swipe of your finger, brush, or sponge applicator. I often get frustrated when I try new brands of eyeshadow from the affordable drug-store brands to even high end ones, only to waste money because their pigmentation and wear was of poor quality. But I had the opportunity to try “Wild N Crazy” eyeshadow in “Maya Dream” which is a gorgeous soft, medium, sparkly blue; and at first I thought it would be one of those cheap eyeshadows with poor color-payoff, the ones that you have to swipe a hundred times just to get some sort of color to show up on your finger. But that wasn't the case with this little pot of gold!

The eyeshadow was actually very smooth and almost seemed a bit creamy, like a finely-milled creamy powder. I found it very easy to apply the eyeshadow to my eyelids and it was also very easy to blend it in with other colors, it also stayed on pretty long, longer than I expected it would! I was very happy with the color I got, it wasn't a bright outrageous blue, but a nice soft blue that really made my eyes pop. It was also a great shade to do a “smoky eye look”. The packaging is very cute, it's a screw top cap and pot and I found that this kind of packaging makes it a lot easier to get in there and get more color. I also like how the lid was clear and see-thru so you can see the color through the lid. Another thing I noticed was how much eyeshadow you get! Talk about more bang for the buck! There's definitely a lot of product to last you a long time.

Another thing I loved about it was the price! It was so affordable compared to other eyeshadows that don't even do the job, that you can pretty much own every color they have!

The only cons about this product I had was that I wish they had more colors! They only have fourteen colors, which isn't much of a wide selection of colors, but there is enough variety in the color batch to pull of pretty much any look. I plan on trying these eyeshadows in Sakurako (a baby pink) and Lily Song (a matte white). I definitely recommend that you try at least one of these awesome eyeshadows!

Friday, November 16, 2007


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Messy Smokey Eyes for fall

by by Nicole Randelman,
This fall there are so many cool makeup trends it's hard to decide which one to go for. Thank god you can change your makeup when the mood strikes. One of my favorites of this season is the new "messy smokey eye". This is a cool way to take the classic smokey eye and make it more modern and edgy. Plus, it's a whole lot easier to do since the object is to make it look imperfect. This look should take about 5 minutes to achieve. Remember to go as edgy as you want on the eyes and keep the lips and cheeks soft and simple with peachy beigey colors.

I love using this Sugar Zip Kit in Ginger for this, it has everything you need to achieve this ultra hip look.

Here's what I do:

1) Apply the light pink shadow all over the lower half of the lids. Make sure to blend it in very well. This is a great base for the rest of the shadows.

2) Apply the light gray shadow on top of the pink shadow. Blend that in with your finger.

3) Next, take the skinny pointy part of the shadow applicator and apply the dark steel shadow to upper and lower lash lines. This should be a bit imperfect or "messy". Blend this with your finger.

4) Curl your lashes and then apply 2 coats of jet black mascara to top lashes and one coat to bottom lashes. Lashes can be a bit clumpy for a messy effect.

5) For a dazzling finishing touch, apply light pink shadow to inner corners.

Apply the sparkling peach gloss to your lips and you'll look like you just stepped off the runways!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NYX Concealer Jar

by Vanessa Garcia,
I am such a sucker when it comes to buying concealer because I am willing to try any concealer to cover up my dark circles and any other blemishes that occasionally pop up. I have bought tons of concealer from drugstores to even high-end brands, and have had mixed results in the sense that some were okay and did the job, but none that really outlasted in terms of performance and giving me a fresh-awakened look to last all day—until now.

I tried the NYX Concealer in a Jar and let me tell you how amazing this miracle in a bottle is! First of all, the packaging. It is so cute! It's a tiny round jar, but don't let the size fool you! It has A LOT of concealer in side to last you a very long time, and what I love is how tiny it is to even keep in your purse for any touch ups. Second, it's very creamy and glides on easily. I use a concealer brush, scrape some of the concealer in the jar, and DAB it from the inner corner of my eye to the outer to cover up my dark circles, and then DAB with my finger or a wedge-sponge to blend together. You don't want to wipe the concealer from side to side because that just takes off some of the concealer and you will end up using more giving you a cakey look, and instead whatever you are trying to conceal is much more noticeable and prominent. You just want to use a little bit and dab it across, a little goes a long way with this concealer!

I have tried concealers that were TOO water-based and ended up sliding off under my eyes, making me look even more tired, worst of all, when you are trying to conceal a red pimple and it fades off so that everything shows! I even had concealers that were super thick that once I put my foundation over it, you can see that it settled in the lines and was very cakey. I also hated those concealers that claim to be waterproof and last all day, but wouldn't even make it to lunch time! But with this NYX Concealer jar that is NEVER a problem and what I truly enjoyed was that it lasted all day with me. I was also hunting for a concealer that gave me the same look as the moment I put it on, 'till the time I came home after a long day at work; and this definitely does it. For you gals on a budget looking for a good dupe of MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Concealer.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cat Eyes look with Sugar Flirt Eyes Lashes

by Nicole Randelman,
The absolute hottest look for the fall season is the Cat Eye look. Taking it's cue from the stylish 40's, this look is about as glam as it gets. A lot of people are hesitant to try it out because they are unsure how to keep it from looking too " rocker girl". But the key is to keep the black liner simple and accent the eyes with a cool set of false lashes. Sugar Flirt False Lashes make a fun statement without weighing down the lids. The result is an eye popping modern twist on an old classic.

I have put together 6 easy steps to simplify things and make this
sizzling look work for anyone.

1) First apply concealer under eyes as needed.Use the same concealer on the eyelid to even out skin tone. Apply loose powder with a sponge to set the concealer.

2) Next, apply a bone or matte peach colored eye-shadow on entire top lid. Make sure it is smoothed out perfectly.

3) Apply a line of black liquid liner to top lid and slant it up just slightly at the outer corner. Be careful not to make the slant too long so you maintain this looks elegance.

4) Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply jet black
mascara to top and bottom lashes. Comb out lashes to prevent clumping.

* Note: this is the step that takes this look to another level.

5) Apply Sugar Flirt False Lashes to the outer corners of lashes. Make sure you apply them far enough into the middle of the lashes so that they don't stick out past your natural lashes on the sides, making your eyes look droopy!

6) Then apply another coat of mascara and press the sugar lashes to your natural lashes so they blend in together.

* For a super swanky evening look, swipe a thin veil of Jelly Pong Pong Shimmer in Goddess Skin to the eyelids.

Voila! You have totally glammed out cat eyes and you are ready for a night out!

Introducing our new Beauty Editor

We would like to welcome our newest addition to Cherry Culture Beauty Editor team - Nicole Randelman from

Nicole is an experienced makeup artist who lives and works in NYC. Her philosophy is to make people look amazing. For women, she creates looks that aren’t obvious but simple beautiful. “It’s all about looking flawless not looking made up; with makeup for High Definition Television, the trick is to fool the lens into seeing perfection and I am constantly refining my technique and experimenting with new tools which help me achieve this goal” Nicole saids.

Nicole has a blog site called where she reviews and comments many beauty products in the market. She also gives great makeup tips and trends to her readers. Be sure to check it out!
We are happy to have Nicole on our team and are excited bring more up to date makeup tips and trends to you (the readers)!!

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New Destination for International Shipping

Dear International Customers,

We now ship to Singapore, Germany and Australia. Shipping charge is $19.95 excluding taxes and custom duties.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Girlactik Sparkle Eyeliner/Shadow

by Vanessa Garcia,
I have a mixed review about this product because I really love the color (I chose Midnight Black), and the shimmer on your lids is just absolutely gorgeous! However I didn't like the base it came with. You are supposed to apply the base so that the glitter has something to adhere to, and it's a dark chocolate brown that serves as a background color for the glitter so that it comes out more vibrant and make your eyes pop; but I had a lot of trouble trying to get the glitter to stick to the base, and since the base is a dark brown and the glitter is a dark black, the two colors just clashed and it didn't look right together. I think if the base was black, it would have really made a huge difference.

So instead I applied black eyeliner on my lid like I normally do, and used a homemade mixing medium (basically just pure Glycerin and Water) so that the black glitter would have something to adhere to. I took a flat eyeliner brush, dipped it in a drop of the mixing medium and then took a little bit of the midnight black glitter and applied it gently across my lashline following the black line I just made with my black eyeliner; dabbing it as I go along from my inner corner of my lid to the outer.

The result: It was absolutely gorgeous! It's perfect for a night out giving you a nice hint of glitter without looking so overdone and is definitely easy to use. You can seriously go from a day look to a night look just by adding this to your lashline! It really made my eyes pop and stand out, giving a little glamour to any look.

It's easy to remove from your lids in the sense that it can be wiped off fairly easily, however my lid started to itch after awhile (but perhaps it's due to the fact that my skin is easily irritated) but I think mainly because it was really gritty in texture, almost like glass. The glitter powder was sort of rough and hard, especially for a delicate area such as the eye. I wish it was a lot softer in texture, perhaps similar to the texture of flour like the NYX Chrome Eyeshadows, and it would have been such a hit and a definite staple in my purse. Other than that, I really enjoyed the shimmer it gave my lids and how it wasn't intense glitter, but just enough to be noticed. It comes in a variety of other great colors, perfect for any occasion and every outfit!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Attn: UK Shoppers

Cherry Culture is now open for UK shoppers.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

by Vanessa Garcia,
They say good things come in small packages, and that stands true when it comes to the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Powdered Eyeshadow. I was really happy to have had a chance to test this out in “Nude” because it's amazing how gorgeous and vibrant it comes out on your lids. I have actually owned a couple colors before and this eyeshadow never ceases to amaze me! It reminded me of how much I love them because they really bring out eyes of ANY color, whether you have brown, blue, or green eyes; these colors will make your peepers pop. The color-payoff (pigmentation) is incredible because it's honestly similar to those of high-end brands, if not better, and the best part is that it lasts all day!

They come in a variety of sultry colors from soft neutrals to shimmery yet subtle shades that are just absolutely show stopping! I ended up buying a majority of all the other colors such as purple when I am feeling a bit funky and creative and charcoal to create an awesome smoky eye look. What I love about these loose powdered eye shadows is how it gives you just the right amount of shimmer without overdoing it. It's perfect to pull off these awesome eyeshadows for even an everyday look using some of the neutral colors such as nude or pearl, or you can play with different colored looks with some of the gorgeous colors they have. My trick is to also dab it on top of matte eye shadows to bring out the colors more and make it “pop” and give your eyes a nice soft look with a bit of shimmer.

The bottles are a bit tiny which makes it hard to get some of the color out, but I just used an empty pot that didn't have a sifter and transferred it in there and it made it a lot easier! I honestly use these eye shadows everyday now and have started growing my NYX collection because their quality is great and because their prices are so affordable, you can get so many different things for the price you would pay for ONE eyeshadow for some high-end brands; and NYX has so many beautiful colors that there is something for everyone in every skin tone and eye color. And NYX's single eye shadows go perfect with these loose powdered eyeshadows.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bianco Breeze Hair & Body Powder

Principessa Beauty's award winning Bianco Breeze Hair & Body Powder is a must have for summer! After being recently introduced to the market in 2006, the Bianco Breeze Hair & Body Powder was honored at Ex-Tracts in New York City with the award for Best in Show!
The Bianco Breeze Hair & Body Powder came to be by listening to our customers. Their inspiration and interest is what helped to get the ball rolling for the initial development of the powder. Fuelled by market interest, their overall enthusiasm greatly contributed to product innovation and creation!

Housed in adorable pink packaging, it works and smells as good as it looks. This ultra silky multi-use powder is great for your tresses to absorb any excess oils or product or simply apply it to your skin for an unforgettable signature scent.

Give your hair a break in between washings and make life easier with the Bianco Breeze Hair & Body Powder! When using it in your hair, pour a little bit of powder into your hands and work it through your hair. Watch as it magically blends roots and can even extend blowouts while seamlessly working with all hair types and colors.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LA Colors Trio Eyeshdow

by Vanessa Garcia,

One of the things I liked about this trio eyeshadow is the compact casing that nestles the three eyeshadow colors, it's not bulky at all and I think it's perfect to keep in your purse or makeup bag for any touch-ups throughout the day. I ordered the L.A. Colors Lipgloss Palette a few weeks ago and just fell in love with it so I was really excited to give their eyeshadows a try. I got it in “Snow White/Lilac Mist/Royal Violet”

What I enjoyed about this eyeshadow trio is how each of the three colors sort of correlate together to achieve an awesome look, there's a light colored eyeshadow that you can use as a highlight, the medium shade for the inside corner of the lid, and a darker shade for the outer portion of your lid; all in one convenient case!

The only thing I did not like about the compact was the pigmentation and the durability of the eyeshadows; I had to make several swipes of each eyeshadow on my sponge applicator just to get a decent amount of color on my eyelid, as a couple of swipes were just too light as if I didn't 'grab' any color on my sponge-tip applicator. Also, without an eye priming base, the colors didn't last long and were gone by the end of the day, making me look a bit washed out. However, once you do have enough of each color on your lid, the colors are just gorgeous and make your peepers just “pop”. I think if they also made it into a flip-top duo compact with the eyeshadow colors on top and a mirror and a sponge tip applicator at the bottom, it would really be ideal for gals on-the-go; rather than having to fetch for a mirror and a makeup brush or sponge tip applicator, just to be more “space-saving”.

But you just can't beat the awesome price, at $5 a pop for THREE eyeshadow colors on, it's a definite steal. Rather than having to carry all your eyeshadows for touch-ups, you can conveniently get a trio with your favorite colors and have it on hand. And L.A. Colors Trio Eyeshadow has tons of color combinations you can choose from; they have everything from neutral browns, smoky black and gray, to fun and crazy
summer colors! And at $5 each, you can pretty much get all the colors!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Canadian Shoppers

Dear Canadian Shoppers,

We know that it has been frustrating for you not be able to place an online order.
We are happy to inform you that we are now open to process Canadian orders online.
Thank you for your patience.

Cherry Culture
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Melting Eyeshadow

Do you have problems with Eyeshadow and Eyeliner that just won't stay put? No matter how many coats of shadow you put on, after a few hours of partying, the colors are just not there anymore.

The reason: your eye lids produce oil, which absorbs the shadow color.

The Solution:
Use an eye base before you apply eyeliner or eyeshadow. Eye base creates a dry surface on your eyelid, which gives something for the shadow powder to crab onto.

Or you can use a concealer on your eye lids before applying the eyeshadow. This way you can cover your eye veins from showing and also create the dry base for the shadow powder to stay put.

Apply a soft pearl or natural shadow color all over your eye lids. (All the way to just below the eye brow). This will not only keep the eyeshadows on longer but also create a highlight on your eyes.

Girlactik Star Shadow by Galit Strugano, Girlactik Beauty

by Galit Strugano, Girlactik Beauty

Continue being the gorgeous girl you are and only change the shadows you wear! Girlactik Shadows are highly pigmented, velvety soft, and easy to blend. Each color can be worn alone or paired with the pearl base for easy application of applying shadows and long lasting wear. Can be used wet or dry. We love these shadows because they are so easy to wear and the consistency is great! There's a reason why girlactik's Timeless shadow in brown got chosen as the "Best Brown Shadow" in Allure's Best of Beauty 2006. Girlactik's shadows are a must to play with on your day or night out.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Gourmet Therapy by Vanessa Garcia,

by Vanessa Garcia,

For me, presentation is everything; Jelly Pong Pong's Gourmet Lip Therapy came in the cutest pop-up box, reminding me of the cute pop-up books I read as a child. I love how small and compact this lip gloss is because I can fit it in my purse or carry it with me in my pocket for easy access!

I have always wanted a lip gloss that did three things: give me incredible long-lasting shine, keeps my lips really soft, and stays on but isn't too sticky. Lo and behold I found Jelly Pong Pong's Gourmet Lip Therapy in Real Sugar, it's honestly the lip gloss I have been searching for. I have tried countless lip glosses and they either have an awful taste (or scent), aren't moisturizing enough, are super sticky to where you find your hair sticking to your lips, and/or they don't stay on your lips for a long time. But for me, this lip gloss has the whole package! It has tiny miniscule “sugars”, that feel like the tiny micro-beads in a facial scrub and totally feels like a scrub for your lips, gently exfoliating any dead skin and keeping your lips lusciously soft and kissable all day. I love how it gave me long-lasting subtle shine without the stickiness and has a nice sweet sugary flavor that will have you constantly smacking your lips! My favorite part of this product was the built-in brush, no mess lip gloss oozing out of the tube, no wands- nothing. Just a one step, easy to apply lip gloss. The brush gives you so much control when applying the lip gloss allowing you to display incredible shine right where you want it.

I must admit at first I thought the price was pretty steep, $18 for just a sheer lip gloss, but now that I have had the opportunity to see and use this product for myself, love it! It's really everything I need in one tube and my lips are super happy because it really stays on and is perfect for layering over lipstick for instant shine. I even ate dinner and it was still on my lips after dinner as if I just put it on! I highly recommend this product to every gal as it is a a definite “must have” item in every girl's purse. It also comes in other colors/flavors: Cocoa and Honey.

New Beauty Editor

We would like to introduce Vanessa Garcia from as one of Cherry Culture Beauty Editor. Vanessa’s direct and honest approach to product review will offer you more insight to any products you are interested in. On her blog site, Vanessa offers detail but simple makeup tips to achieve different kind of look. She even has videos to show you exactly what to do. You must check them out.

Here is what Vanessa has to say about herself: Born and raised in TORONTO, CANADA! 25 years old June 1st. I love photography, makeup (obviously), and all sorts of things. I have a massive collection of accessories and shoes and I love adding onto it haha! I have a passion for everything and I put so much heart in everything I do, I honestly love helping people out which is why I created this blog, to help people with beauty tips, questions, and just to help them feel good about themselves.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to apply false eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes requires a little patience and practice. It is an art that every makeup lover should master. False eyelashes can make your eyes look fuller and larger. Picking the right false eyelashes is the first lesson you need to learn. There are numerous types of false eyelashes in the market full and flare to simple to ultra dramatic. Pick one that fit the occasion.

Second you must know that you don't have to use the entire false eyelashes in the package. Shorten it if you need to. Customize it to the length that fits your eye is important.
Third, give yourself enough time. Don't try it five minutes before leaving to a big party. Sounds easy but somehow we always forget.
Forth, prep your lids. Lashes stick better to clean lids so wash your eye area with oil free makeup remover.

You must have these tools ready before applying false eyelashes.
Tweezer, False Eyelahes (of course), Adhesive (DUO Lash Adhesive is my favorite) and Fine Tipped Eyeliner Brush.

Now you are ready to apply the false eyelashes.

  1. Using a Tweezer and remove the false eyelashes from the packaging.

  2. Trim the band to fit the width of your eye.

  3. Dip a skinny eyeliner brush in lash glue and lightly paint the back of the strip. The glue dries in about three minutes so speed it up or lash won't stick.

  4. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, apply the last close to your lash line and press down across your eye to the inner corner.

  5. Let the glue dry, and then apply dark eyeliner to camouflage the line of the fake lashes and then apply your mascara. The mascara will help blend your own lashes with the fake ones.

Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

by Guin White,

Sick of your dirty, makeup filled cosmetics sponges but still like the blending and natural texture you get from it? You're in luck! BeautyBlender, created by two talented makeup-artists-to-the-stars, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, will help YOU look like a movie star with the pricey services of a high-end makeup artist.

This egg-shaped wonder sponge, used to 'stipple' ('stippling' is bouncing the sponge lightly on your face as you apply your makeup), blend and soften your cosmetics application, has so many pro's they're hard to count. Let's just say that NO makeup sponge even comes close to BeautyBlender's ability to create a flawless, natural texture. You can use it wet or dry to apply, blend and soften makeup primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and powder - and you can probably find some additional applications by just playing with it! It's pretty, it's fun and guess what else? It's CLEAN!

BeautyBlender comes with it's own little clear, acrylic pedestal right in the package, so it's designed to be washed after each use and then perched atop its specially designed little spot to airdry. You can purchase BeautyBlender with the custom formulated cleanser called what else? BlenderCleanser!

BlenderCleanser is a gentle, lavender-infused cleanser packaged in an ingenious upside-down pump bottle made especially for the BeautyBlender. One last great feature that I just have to mention: environmentally consciousness. Yes, because BeautyBlender is sturdy and washable, it lasts forever and can be used just as long. And BlenderCleanser's formula is low-suds, soy-based and free of dyes and irritants. What more can I say? Not much. Just this ... you gotta get one!

Friday, July 27, 2007

How to get a fresh look

Creating a perfect fresh face is not as hard as you think! Sitting in front of the mirror on a lazy day practicing different looks with your makeup can prove surprising results. Playing with your make- up will allow you to become familiar with your face and the colors that best suit your complexion and hair color.

Consider these steps for a natural fresh look; once you get this down you will be able to experiment more. Start with your foundation; you want something light that won't clog you your pores. Use a sponge so that you achieve an even look. Once you have a clean palate to work with. If your skin tends to be oily you can brush on a light dusting of loose powder after applying the foundation.

For your eyes, just mascara. You should wipe your brush on a paper towel to get all the excess off, that way you will have a nice stain on you lashes. No spider lashes! For cheeks, sweep a little blush (a nice peach or pink) on the apples of your cheeks sweeping down towards you jaw line. A little on your jaw line and on your temples make sure you don't use to much, start with a little you can always add. Finish off with a sheer gloss that has a tint of color that compliments your blush. Now you have a quick natural look you can pull off on a daily basis.


If you have a problem with your eye shadow creasing or not lasting because of oily lids make sure to apply a primer or a neutral base (primer primes the eyes before shadow and a neutral base is a flesh colored shadow) before eye shadow.

Colorful Eyeshadow

Are you tired of using the same eyeshadow color everyday? Drop those boring brown eyeshadow, black eyeshadows and try something colorful this summer. Yellow eyeshadow, Red eyeshadow, Orange eyeshadow, Purple eyeshadow, Blue eyeshadow the world of colorful shadows awaits you. But the trouble is how you can wear them cute. Which color goes with which? The last thing you want is to look like a crazy girl with rainbow eyeshadow on your face.

So here are some tips you can follow:

Pair up complementary colors such as purple eyeshadow and pink eyeshadow, yellow eyeshadow and green eyeshadow, blue eyeshadow and yellow eyeshadow.

If you cannot figure out which color goes with which one, the easiest way is to wear only one bold color such as green eyeshadow, yellow eyeshadow or red eyeshadow alone. These colors will make your eye pop instantly.

You can also use jumbo eyeliner pencil like the ones from NYX just line them up close to your lashes.

Follow the steps below to achieve the look you want with colorful eyeshadow.
Soft but Glam look:

Smudge a metallic blue cream shadow on your lids from lash lines up to your brow bones.
Use pale pink powder to the outer corners of your lids then blend outward.

Finish off with royal blue loose powder and trace it along top of your lash lines.
Green Goddess look:

Use green eyeshadow. Apply it from lashes to creases and on inner corners of your lids.
Smudge blue green powder eyeshadow on the inner half of your lids. Use a wet brush and dip into an aqua eyeshadow and trace it along your top lashes.

Wild and Bold Look :
Brush gold shimmer powder eyeshadow (LA Colors Shimmering loose power in Sun Shine) onto your lids from lashes to creases and on your inner corners. Using your finger tab a little metallic pink shadow onto the center of your lids. Apply melon eyeshadow to the outer corners of your lids then blend outward.

Makeup 101: Beauty Basic

In some cultures, going out with bare skin is impolite gesture. But makeup should not become a hassle every time you have somewhere to go. Start with the makeup basics – a great foundation, mascara, and gloss.

1 st apply the foundation: Foundation can even out the skin color on your face and give it a health look. To pick a right foundation for your face can be tricky. Therefore when picking out the foundation, you need to consider the following:

• Determine which skin color tone you have. Select a few colors that seem close to your natural skin tone. Go for the yellow-based foundations, which look most natural on all skin tones. However, if you're very fair, try a pink, cooler shade.

• Apply a couple dots of each color on areas of your jawline (the inner wrist or hand aren't the best spots, contrary to popular belief).

• Take a good, long look -- near a window. Ask to borrow a hand mirror and stand near a doorway, or step outside, to see which foundation looks best in the natural light. The right shade is one that you can't see because it blends in so well.

• Remember: Don't go for foundations boasting fancy antioxidants or sunscreen. You'll need to always wear sunscreen under your foundation.

2 nd apply the mascara: black or brown color mascara usually goes well with any skin tone. Mascara is the easiest way to open up you eyes. Please read best of mascara for tips in choosing the right mascara for your eyelases.

3 rd apply the lipgloss: lipgloss can help define your lips and gives it a sexy look. Natural or clear color goes well with any skin tone. Remember to re-apply the lipgloss after you eat.

Teen Makeup

The most important lessons for teen makeup are learning how to take care of your skin and how to use makeup to highlight your features. Most teens are confused when it comes to makeup. Most think that when wearing makeup you have to wear a lot or nothing. For teenagers minimal makeup is all you needed to make yourself pretty and glowing. There are some basic steps teens should follow on the daily basis.

First is Skin Care, it is the single most important thing teens should do every day. Wash your face day and night with face washer. Take off your makeup with makeup remover properly each night before you go to sleep. Especially for those of you who put tons of eye liner and mascara, leaving the products over night is so bad for your skin. Use oil base eye makeup remover will do the trick. There are many teen cosmetics products out there for teens but you don't really have to spend tons of money on teen cosmetics. If you have dry skin you need to use face cream. Usually one cream will do, you don't need to have separate eye or face cream.

Blemishes: Number 1 teen makeup lesson is how to cover the blemishes. The best way to cover up blemish is NOT with a concealer which most people mistaken to. The reason why is because a concealer is one shade lighter than your skin. It is used to lighten your dark circles. The best way to cover is to use a foundation stick which is a creamy formula and you can apply it directly on the blemish, pat it into the skin and put a loose powder on top and it will disappear into your natural skin tone.

Dark circles: The trick to get rid of dark circle is to start with a touch of eye cream if your skin is dry under your eyes. Then use a yellow tone concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it under your eyes close to the lashes and in the inner corner of your eye. Pat and blend into skin. Lastly, use a bit of yellow tone powder on top of the concealer will set it and keep it on all day.

Foundations: Teen makeup does not need foundation all over your skin. However a good foundation is used only to cover blemishes. To choose the correct foundation for your face, test it on your cheek bone. If you cannot test the product just make sure you look for yellow toned foundation. It is the most natural tone that works with everyone's skin.

Colors: Sheer color on eyes, cheeks, and lips is the simple way to go. Sheer colors work with every skin ton as do shimmery tones that are pale, like silver or white. Rosy tones also work with most skin tones. Eyeliner is great for parties but for everyday school look is a bit too much. Remember teen makeup is to emphasis your best features not to change to look completely. Adding a little blush on your cheek bone can make you look fresh and glowing. However if you are doing sports blushes normally won't stay on with sweat.

Cleaning: The lesson that most people tend to forget when talking about teen makeup is cleaning. Keeping your brushes clean after use is an important lesson. If you are too lazy then use disposable applicators like Q-tips. Don't share mascara because it is easy to spread bacteria. Keep your makeup cool, clean and dry. When sharing your makeup remember no double dipping!!!

From here you are ready to experience the world of makeup and cosmetics. Try different color and look. At this age you can wear any color and get away with it. But don't overdo it either. Remember teen makeup should be fun.

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