Wednesday, July 8, 2009

L.A. Girl Mega Pearl Single Eyeshadow

by Vanessa Garcia,

One of my favorite affordable makeup brands is L.A. Girl. They have a ton of products for the face, eyes, and lips at such an affordable price. The best part? The pigmentation and quality put into each and every product. I love L.A. Girl's lip palettes because they are so creamy and pigmented and they come in a variety of colors that I immediately knew that their mega pearl single eye shadows would be just as good!

I had an opportunity to try these eye shadows and they definitely do not disappoint! They go on so smoothly and they have a nice shimmer to them, like a pearl shimmer finish, no chunky glitter- which makes it perfect for anyone to wear for any occasion (although some shades may have the appearance of glitter or more shimmer). They are also very pigmented and at only three bucks a pop! It applies so smoothly and evenly and accentuates the eyes with its vibrant colors, that you are sure to find one that suits your personality or your outfit for the day. Although most of the colors are on the bold side, there aren't too many neutral colors, but they are still awesome eye shadows to have. However, the eyeshadow doesn't stay on long so its best to use a eyeshadow primer before application to make it last longer as well as keeping the eye shadows vibrant.

There are 24 gorgeous shades that'll make it hard for you to just choose a few! I tried on two of the 24 shades: appletini and kamikaze (a green apple color and a medium blue color). I love appletini it reminds me of a sour apple color that goes great with purple or blue eye shadows; and is a nice solid version of a mineral eyeshadow I once had, so it was nice to have it in solid form to make it less messy and easier to travel with. They each come in their own individual pots with a clear, see-thru flip top lid which is very easy to open and makes it easy to identify each color. It's also flat and fairly small so it doesn't take up a lot of space and its easy to store.

Overall, I love these eye shadows from L.A. Girl, they are definitely “more bang for the buck” and gives you great color payoff at a pretty good price since.  These eye shadows are really affordable, and there's so many colors to choose from.