Monday, January 14, 2008

Starry Diary Compact

by Vanessa Garcia,

There are days where I like bringing a few eye shadows in my purse for touch-ups when I am on the go, after the gym, or for a dinner party after work where I don't have time to do my makeup and look fresh. Sometimes it's hard to bring certain makeup items in your purse like eye shadows because it often gets crushed or lost, and also carrying all your brushes and eye shadows can get heavy. But with the Starry Diary Eyeshadow Compact, all that hassle and worry is out the window with this one stop shop of eye shadows!

The Starry Diary Compact has a wide variety of 36 sultry and silky powder eye shadows, that you are sure to find colors that suit every outfit. It also has two double-ended sponge tipped eyeshadow applicators making this compact ideal for travel in your purse. And don't let the picture on the website fool you as it looks super large on the website, but it's actually pretty small, smaller than the size of a checkbook. The compact itself has a magnetic closure to keep the eye shadows safe and prevent any mess when traveling; and it also has a mirror inside the compact making it really easy for taking along with you and for super easy touch ups.

Some of the eye shadows however I found were a bit too sheer for my taste. I had to give a few swipes of my finger or the sponge-tipped applicator on some of the eye shadows just to get the color to show up on my eyelids, and they sort of look “washed out” at the end of the day, but this can be avoided if an eyeshadow base or a primer is used, which can perhaps also add vibrancy and more color on the eyelids. Also the pots are tiny, but a little goes a long way with the Starry Diary Compact!

Overall, I found this compact to be very cute and handy. It has a wide variety of colors for an everyday look anyone can pull off which is perfect for in the office and at school, or fun and sassy bright colors for a night out with the gals all in one convenient, easy to use compact! It's definitely nice to have around and makes a perfect gift for gals of all ages.