Thursday, September 13, 2007

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

by Vanessa Garcia,
They say good things come in small packages, and that stands true when it comes to the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Powdered Eyeshadow. I was really happy to have had a chance to test this out in “Nude” because it's amazing how gorgeous and vibrant it comes out on your lids. I have actually owned a couple colors before and this eyeshadow never ceases to amaze me! It reminded me of how much I love them because they really bring out eyes of ANY color, whether you have brown, blue, or green eyes; these colors will make your peepers pop. The color-payoff (pigmentation) is incredible because it's honestly similar to those of high-end brands, if not better, and the best part is that it lasts all day!

They come in a variety of sultry colors from soft neutrals to shimmery yet subtle shades that are just absolutely show stopping! I ended up buying a majority of all the other colors such as purple when I am feeling a bit funky and creative and charcoal to create an awesome smoky eye look. What I love about these loose powdered eye shadows is how it gives you just the right amount of shimmer without overdoing it. It's perfect to pull off these awesome eyeshadows for even an everyday look using some of the neutral colors such as nude or pearl, or you can play with different colored looks with some of the gorgeous colors they have. My trick is to also dab it on top of matte eye shadows to bring out the colors more and make it “pop” and give your eyes a nice soft look with a bit of shimmer.

The bottles are a bit tiny which makes it hard to get some of the color out, but I just used an empty pot that didn't have a sifter and transferred it in there and it made it a lot easier! I honestly use these eye shadows everyday now and have started growing my NYX collection because their quality is great and because their prices are so affordable, you can get so many different things for the price you would pay for ONE eyeshadow for some high-end brands; and NYX has so many beautiful colors that there is something for everyone in every skin tone and eye color. And NYX's single eye shadows go perfect with these loose powdered eyeshadows.