Monday, August 6, 2007

New Beauty Editor

We would like to introduce Vanessa Garcia from as one of Cherry Culture Beauty Editor. Vanessa’s direct and honest approach to product review will offer you more insight to any products you are interested in. On her blog site, Vanessa offers detail but simple makeup tips to achieve different kind of look. She even has videos to show you exactly what to do. You must check them out.

Here is what Vanessa has to say about herself: Born and raised in TORONTO, CANADA! 25 years old June 1st. I love photography, makeup (obviously), and all sorts of things. I have a massive collection of accessories and shoes and I love adding onto it haha! I have a passion for everything and I put so much heart in everything I do, I honestly love helping people out which is why I created this blog, to help people with beauty tips, questions, and just to help them feel good about themselves.