Friday, July 27, 2007

Teen Makeup

The most important lessons for teen makeup are learning how to take care of your skin and how to use makeup to highlight your features. Most teens are confused when it comes to makeup. Most think that when wearing makeup you have to wear a lot or nothing. For teenagers minimal makeup is all you needed to make yourself pretty and glowing. There are some basic steps teens should follow on the daily basis.

First is Skin Care, it is the single most important thing teens should do every day. Wash your face day and night with face washer. Take off your makeup with makeup remover properly each night before you go to sleep. Especially for those of you who put tons of eye liner and mascara, leaving the products over night is so bad for your skin. Use oil base eye makeup remover will do the trick. There are many teen cosmetics products out there for teens but you don't really have to spend tons of money on teen cosmetics. If you have dry skin you need to use face cream. Usually one cream will do, you don't need to have separate eye or face cream.

Blemishes: Number 1 teen makeup lesson is how to cover the blemishes. The best way to cover up blemish is NOT with a concealer which most people mistaken to. The reason why is because a concealer is one shade lighter than your skin. It is used to lighten your dark circles. The best way to cover is to use a foundation stick which is a creamy formula and you can apply it directly on the blemish, pat it into the skin and put a loose powder on top and it will disappear into your natural skin tone.

Dark circles: The trick to get rid of dark circle is to start with a touch of eye cream if your skin is dry under your eyes. Then use a yellow tone concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it under your eyes close to the lashes and in the inner corner of your eye. Pat and blend into skin. Lastly, use a bit of yellow tone powder on top of the concealer will set it and keep it on all day.

Foundations: Teen makeup does not need foundation all over your skin. However a good foundation is used only to cover blemishes. To choose the correct foundation for your face, test it on your cheek bone. If you cannot test the product just make sure you look for yellow toned foundation. It is the most natural tone that works with everyone's skin.

Colors: Sheer color on eyes, cheeks, and lips is the simple way to go. Sheer colors work with every skin ton as do shimmery tones that are pale, like silver or white. Rosy tones also work with most skin tones. Eyeliner is great for parties but for everyday school look is a bit too much. Remember teen makeup is to emphasis your best features not to change to look completely. Adding a little blush on your cheek bone can make you look fresh and glowing. However if you are doing sports blushes normally won't stay on with sweat.

Cleaning: The lesson that most people tend to forget when talking about teen makeup is cleaning. Keeping your brushes clean after use is an important lesson. If you are too lazy then use disposable applicators like Q-tips. Don't share mascara because it is easy to spread bacteria. Keep your makeup cool, clean and dry. When sharing your makeup remember no double dipping!!!

From here you are ready to experience the world of makeup and cosmetics. Try different color and look. At this age you can wear any color and get away with it. But don't overdo it either. Remember teen makeup should be fun.

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