Thursday, September 27, 2007

Girlactik Sparkle Eyeliner/Shadow

by Vanessa Garcia,
I have a mixed review about this product because I really love the color (I chose Midnight Black), and the shimmer on your lids is just absolutely gorgeous! However I didn't like the base it came with. You are supposed to apply the base so that the glitter has something to adhere to, and it's a dark chocolate brown that serves as a background color for the glitter so that it comes out more vibrant and make your eyes pop; but I had a lot of trouble trying to get the glitter to stick to the base, and since the base is a dark brown and the glitter is a dark black, the two colors just clashed and it didn't look right together. I think if the base was black, it would have really made a huge difference.

So instead I applied black eyeliner on my lid like I normally do, and used a homemade mixing medium (basically just pure Glycerin and Water) so that the black glitter would have something to adhere to. I took a flat eyeliner brush, dipped it in a drop of the mixing medium and then took a little bit of the midnight black glitter and applied it gently across my lashline following the black line I just made with my black eyeliner; dabbing it as I go along from my inner corner of my lid to the outer.

The result: It was absolutely gorgeous! It's perfect for a night out giving you a nice hint of glitter without looking so overdone and is definitely easy to use. You can seriously go from a day look to a night look just by adding this to your lashline! It really made my eyes pop and stand out, giving a little glamour to any look.

It's easy to remove from your lids in the sense that it can be wiped off fairly easily, however my lid started to itch after awhile (but perhaps it's due to the fact that my skin is easily irritated) but I think mainly because it was really gritty in texture, almost like glass. The glitter powder was sort of rough and hard, especially for a delicate area such as the eye. I wish it was a lot softer in texture, perhaps similar to the texture of flour like the NYX Chrome Eyeshadows, and it would have been such a hit and a definite staple in my purse. Other than that, I really enjoyed the shimmer it gave my lids and how it wasn't intense glitter, but just enough to be noticed. It comes in a variety of other great colors, perfect for any occasion and every outfit!