Friday, July 27, 2007

Colorful Eyeshadow

Are you tired of using the same eyeshadow color everyday? Drop those boring brown eyeshadow, black eyeshadows and try something colorful this summer. Yellow eyeshadow, Red eyeshadow, Orange eyeshadow, Purple eyeshadow, Blue eyeshadow the world of colorful shadows awaits you. But the trouble is how you can wear them cute. Which color goes with which? The last thing you want is to look like a crazy girl with rainbow eyeshadow on your face.

So here are some tips you can follow:

Pair up complementary colors such as purple eyeshadow and pink eyeshadow, yellow eyeshadow and green eyeshadow, blue eyeshadow and yellow eyeshadow.

If you cannot figure out which color goes with which one, the easiest way is to wear only one bold color such as green eyeshadow, yellow eyeshadow or red eyeshadow alone. These colors will make your eye pop instantly.

You can also use jumbo eyeliner pencil like the ones from NYX just line them up close to your lashes.

Follow the steps below to achieve the look you want with colorful eyeshadow.
Soft but Glam look:

Smudge a metallic blue cream shadow on your lids from lash lines up to your brow bones.
Use pale pink powder to the outer corners of your lids then blend outward.

Finish off with royal blue loose powder and trace it along top of your lash lines.
Green Goddess look:

Use green eyeshadow. Apply it from lashes to creases and on inner corners of your lids.
Smudge blue green powder eyeshadow on the inner half of your lids. Use a wet brush and dip into an aqua eyeshadow and trace it along your top lashes.

Wild and Bold Look :
Brush gold shimmer powder eyeshadow (LA Colors Shimmering loose power in Sun Shine) onto your lids from lashes to creases and on your inner corners. Using your finger tab a little metallic pink shadow onto the center of your lids. Apply melon eyeshadow to the outer corners of your lids then blend outward.