Monday, January 7, 2008

Princessa Lipstick

by Vanessa Garcia,

I am not much of a lipstick kind of a gal...mainly because most lipsticks have a weird or overpowering taste, and I have just always loved lipgloss and the subtle color it gives. To be honest, I don't have high expectations for lipsticks because I usually find myself being disappointed with them, either the color is off, or its the perfect color but it's too creamy or has a weird taste or smell, but I had the opportunity to try the Princessa lipstick in “Dazzling Pearl” and I was really impressed! When I first received it, I quickly noticed the tubing, it was very compact and cased in a sleek black tube. I liked how the bottom of the lipstick is clear so that you can easily see the color. All the princessa lipsticks are very well pigmented with just a touch of super fine shimmer/glitter, not chunky glitter to where you might look like you are from outerspace, but a nice subtle shimmer which you can sport for any look, anywhere.

I was really happy with the color I received, “Dazzling Pearl” is a the perfect nude color, a light nude brown, with a hint of sparkle. It's just absolutely gorgeous on the lips for any complexion in my opinion, and I think it's perfectly paired with a smokey eye look. If it seems to “wash you out”, you can always use a taupe or brown lip liner to give it more depth and add some lipgloss for voluptuous lipss. Also, the taste or smell of this lipsticksis very subdued and not overpowering like other lipsticks, and it has a nice pleasant scent, very tolerable compared to other lipsticks I have tried. I honestly loved this lipstick so much that I ordered all the other colors too! My other favorites are “Dazzling Ginger” and “Sparkling Coral”. My mom was here for the holidays, and I gave her a couple of the other colors I ordered since she loved how it looked and she too loves the colors.

I am just so obsessed with these lipsticks right now and all the gorgeous colors Princessa has, and mostly because of the amazing price! At $1.99 a piece it definitely beats a lot of other lipsticks including both drugstore brands and high end brand lipsticks. I have tried everything from Revlon to Nars, and this is definitely up to par and right up my alley. Now that I found a great lipstick, I am definitely sticking to it and I now can say I am “lipstick kind of a gal”!